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Pricing and Financing

We help you to take charge of your insurance claim. Dealing with an insurance claim can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Especially when dealing with Oklahoma storm damage from wind or hail. At 1HundredX Roofing, we specialize in providing insurance claim support not only to commercial property owners but also to residential property owners.

Our Oklahoma-based insurance experts will help you communicate with your insurance company. They'll meet your insurance adjuster to discuss your roof damage, ensuring you get fair compensation and avoid denial.

We make it easy to get a full roof replacement or repairs without paying upfront, beyond your insurance deductible.

Our skilled roofing contractors and inspectors are trusted by insurance companies. With decades of experience and top-notch standards, 1HundredX Roofing is the top choice for commercial and residential property owners and insurance companies.

Assessing Damage: 1HundredX Roofing can give an expert inspection to check for damage after a storm, even if it seems minor, to prevent future problems.

Decision Time: Our On-Site Inspection helps you decide if filing an insurance claim is wise. It's important to consider the consequences, especially if you've made many claims. Let our certified roofing inspectors assess the situation before you file.

Our inspectors will give advice based on evidence about whether to file an insurance claim. We'll be there with the adjuster during the inspection to help spot damages.

Contacting Your Insurance: 1HundredX Roofing works closely with insurance companies every day. We'll make sure you have all the information you need before reaching out to your insurance company. As a preferred contractor in Oklahoma, we use industry-standard software to prepare detailed storm damage repair estimates, ensuring accuracy. This helps us communicate effectively with your adjuster and address any missed details in the claim process.

Exploring Roofing Options & Solutions: No matter how damaged your roof is, our contractors can help you find the best solution. We offer options like full roof replacements, metal roof upgrades, or other repairs. These options are strong, energy efficient, and come with great warranties.

Avoiding Pitfalls: We're committed to helping you steer clear of common insurance fraud traps. Intentionally deceiving an insurance company for personal gain is illegal and punishable by law. It's important to note that offering to cover deductibles is not only unethical but also unlawful.

Selecting a Qualified Roofing Contractor: Ensure your contractor has solid references and meets high qualifications for the job. Explore 1HundredX Roofing’s credentials conveniently.

Completing Necessary Repairs – We've Got You Covered: When your insurance approves storm-related roof repairs or replacement, they'll give you an estimate. Sometimes, repair costs exceed this estimate.

As a specialized commercial roofing contractor, with your permission, we'll work directly with your insurance to get more funds if necessary. We know the process and paperwork, ensuring smooth access to funds and no financial stress during repairs. With our network of skilled professionals, we promise high quality results for your claim.

Contractor Payment – Understanding Timing: Payment procedures depend on how complex the project is. Insurance documents, which can be confusing, include terms like ACV, RCV, supplement, and depreciation.Usually, you'll get a partial payment first, called a "first check," which might not cover all repairs. If you have a mortgage, funds may come in stages, after the contractor's involvement is verified.

We've worked with many financial institutions, so we'll provide the necessary paperwork to make sure funds are released smoothly. We know how to give insurers the right documents for full payment.

With us, you'll get support throughout the insurance process. Trust 1HundredX Roofing to handle your insurance claim expertly and carefully.

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